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Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 Is Now Generally Available

Visual Studio

As Microsoft can announce today, Visual Studio has reached general availability in 2022 after a long development. The latest version of the development environment brings many adjustments and improvements, including .NET 6.

Visual Studio 2022 completed

Microsoft was worth the start of the release version of Visual Studio 2022 (version 17.0) and .NET 6 as a separate web event. At this introductory event, the group once again emphasized the progress it has made with the development environment and the .NET platform. In line with this, the Visual Studio product page now offers an adapted overview of the new features and the option to download them for Windows and Mac.

MSFT, among other things, provides a suitable overview that summarizes the most important points of the update. One of the significant changes is certainly the long-awaited switch to 64-bit, which makes the use of modern hardware and more memory possible.

In its new version, Visual Studio 2022 should also be able to provide significantly better assistance based on tools such as IntelliCode. In addition, the AI-supported “co-pilot” should relieve programmers of a lot of work with regard to syntax. In the best-case scenario, it recognizes errors or makes suggestions for increasing efficiency and performance.

.NET Conf 2021

Anyone who would like details about the .NET 6 release will be supplied by Microsoft at .NET Conf 2021, which will provide information on all the details of the far-reaching adjustments for two days from November 9th. Microsoft had recently provided a preview of the release notes for the announcement of the second release candidate in the form of a blog post. The new .NET platform comes on Windows 11 and Windows 10 as well as macOS and Linux systems.

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