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New Look For ‘Apps & Features’ Function In Windows 11

Apps And Features

Microsoft is considering improving the structure of the “Apps & Features” function under Windows 11 in the next update. Insiders can test the first ideas for the optimized management of installed programs in the form of new view and filter options.

Comparatively inconspicuous Microsoft mentions the changes for the “Apps & Features” area within the patch notes of the previous Windows 11 Insider Preview, which is currently being distributed in Build 22494 via the Dev channel. The colleagues from Windows Latest have taken a closer look at the superficial redesign and given us first impressions of the new overview, which is supposed to improve the uninstallation and management of programs and apps that are already installed.

There Are new options for display, sorting and filtering

Microsoft is currently testing three new views for the list that scrolls into infinity and is therefore sometimes confusing. In addition to the current form, a more compact list and a representation in tile form (thumbnail) are offered. The simply designed filter and sorting options are also easily expanded. In addition to an alphabetical sorting according to the largest programs and the installation date, these can now be provided with ascending and descending options. The filter for different drives is retained, as is the search.

It is not yet clear whether and when the update for the “Apps & Features” function will appear in a final version of Windows 11. The 22H2 update seems to be targeted in autumn 2022, but an “Experience Pack” could integrate the new options much earlier. Currently, there is also said to be an A / B test in the Dev channel, which means that not all users of the Insider Preview can see the new look. In our opinion, however, the innovations cannot be described as urgent.

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