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Microsoft wants Firefox to set Bing as its default search engine

In the past, Google has always taken precedence over Microsoft’s Bing. If you used it, it was probably because you launched a Microsoft-made browser (Internet Explorer in the past or Edge in the present) and either swiftly changed to Google as your default search engine or did so. However, Bing had a brief revival because Microsoft jumped headfirst into the AI frenzy with its ChatGPT relationship, and the corporation is riding that wave to ensure that consumers start utilizing Bing. Microsoft might target Firefox to make Bing the default search engine for browsers.

As per reports via this information, Microsoft tends to bid on making Firefox its default search engine. As the contract with Google is ending by the end of this year, it might switch to another browser or renew the contract. Microsoft is aiming to replace Google with Firefox. Although we can’t predict it to enhance the usage of Bing. Along with that, Firefox users can switch to other search engines if they don’t want to use Bing, as found by Yahoo a few years ago. Microsoft is stuck on the deal, though.

According to the study, Microsoft may soon have access to an even better opportunity if it decides to take its promotion of Bing seriously. The year after this, Google’s deal with Apple’s Safari browser, which serves as the primary web browser on Apple devices, will end. Even though it continually criticizes Apple, Google benefits from the agreement it now has in place, and Microsoft may intervene and try to convince Bing to replace Safari as the default browser for iPhones.

Although it’s not possible, of course. If you have tried using Google as a search engine on Microsoft, you already know the deal.

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