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Google to add some latest customizations for Pixel lock screen

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Google I/O revolves around advancements in AI but has also kept Android along with that. As Android 14 is nearing its launch, Google has introduced several amendments to the lock screen of its Pixel devices.

The lock screens of Pixel phones now have a lot of new personalization choices, according to Dave Burke, vice president of engineering for Android at Google. The lock screen currently only allows users to alter color themes; no other clock types are available. The impending Android 14 version will completely alter this by allowing users to select from a variety of clock designs, colors, and sizes.

As for visual refreshers, it provides visual refreshers. The lock screen will allow users to customize shortcuts other than those available by default. In the upcoming update, Android 14 will bring in various wallpaper customizations like custom emoji imagery and cinematic parallel effects on your photos. There are also AI-generated wallpapers in stores that can be created via text prompts.

Google is promoting its software update in various aspects. Google Home’s redesign update was also announced during I/O to be launching soon. Along with that, the Pixel 7a’s availability was officially announced. The setup price is $500.

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