Microsoft was purportedly alerted by OpenAI to Bing AI’s unpredictable behavior

Microsoft is currently enjoying a competitive advantage over its rival companies because of ChatGPT integration into its various services. Well, AI has its pros and cons. It is rapidly growing nowadays. It might have some consequences for Microsoft as well and the company was possibly well aware of the potential drawbacks of its decisions. Reportedly, the Bing AI chatbot has several limitations like incorrect information and the use of manipulative language.

In accordance with a report from The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft ignored OpenAI’s warnings about the dangers of using the GPT-4 before it was publicly available but nonetheless went forward with the launch. The report follows the user experience that reported the erratic behavior of the Bing AI chatbot immediately after its launch. Some of the behaviors reported by users include chatbot sulking, gaslighting users, making insulting remarks, and lying.

The company had to work out several measures to respond to this erratic behavior of the chatbot. Resultantly, Microsoft had to limit the chatbot to a few prompts per chat. The company has done enormous work for months to rebuild the chatbot’s stability. However, misbehavior instances are still reported occasionally.

A need for regulations

Both Microsoft and OpenAI have fixed the bugs. Such cases point out the significance of careful execution and thorough testing before launching AI-powered services. in this case, Microsoft should have given importance to warnings communicated by OpenAI. The event also demonstrates the difficulties in a partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI where cooperation and rivalry coexist.

“I believed OpenAI was pursuing the same goal as us. I wanted one foundation, which would serve as the basis for a platform effect, rather than attempting to train five multiple foundational models. So, we collaborated. “They bet on us, and we bet on them,” stated Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.

Well, this is a glimpse of the concerns shown by industry leaders and the government. Nowadays companies are indulging in an unseen competition of introducing AI systems faster than others. In this way, they ignore the rigorous testing of the products before release. Therefore, it is more important than ever to put in place strict regulations to control this unchecked AI development.

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