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With a tonne of new capabilities, Microsoft Bing AI is now available for public testing

Microsoft has some good news for the Bing AI waitlist users. the company states that the Bing AI chatbot is now open to everyone. Users can access it from the Bing browser on Edge. Since its release, the Bing AI has been a great success for the company. Recently, it has been labeled as a serious threat to Google’s core business by the “godfather of AI.” 

Sometime ago users were required to stay on a waitlist for using the chatbot. Now the company has announced that Bing AI is open for public testing. Users are just required to log into Bing in the Edge browser or the Bing mobile app. The chatbot introduced by Microsoft is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4. It is known as the most powerful language model developed by OpenAI. Furthermore, the language model has the capacity to answer queries with graphs, charts, and formatting. Whereas most AI chatbots, including Google Bard, only deliver text responses.

Microsoft has added various new tools to the chatbot

A significant component of the company’s efforts to compete with Google is the Bing Image Creator. The program now supports more than 100 languages and enables users to search in their native language, according to Microsoft’s release. Bing Image Creator will now have multi-modal capability, enabling users to look for relevant online content in an image.

Accessing and exporting chat history is a wonderful addition to Bing AI. According to Microsoft, users can now go back to earlier discussions in Bing and carry on their conversation there. For easy access, you can also move your chats to the Edge sidebar. Similarly, Bing AI enables you to export your conversion in a set format to a new platform or share it on social media.

Finally, Microsoft updates the Edge browser’s user interface with a “sleeker and enhanced” appearance that includes a streamlined appearance, softened corners, organized containers, and partially translucent visual elements.

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