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Microsoft Windows 10 Labels Optimization Tools For Windows 10 As Threat

Microsoft has started to act against one of the few system optimization tools for Windows 10 that comes from a trusted developer. Windows Defender classifies the program as ‘unwanted software’ and has recently removed it.

As the developer of the Winaero Tweaker announced today, its tool has recently been recognized by Windows Defender as a threat and is therefore classified by Microsoft’s security solution as a possible threat. The program therefore either ends up in quarantine or is completely deleted if Windows Defender is run.

Unlike some other optimization tool for Windows, the Winaero Tweaker is anything but a threat, says developer Sergey Tkachenko. The Russian programmer has been offering his own website with news about Windows for years with Winaero and with the Tweaker has also been a useful tool for a long time, with which experienced users can easily make changes to Windows 10 settings that otherwise would be difficult.

Among other things, the tool can be used to suspend the update of the operating system via Windows Update. Various other settings can also be switched on and off quickly and reliably. The program is basically not automated – instead, the user must always actively decide to change a setting.

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According to Tkachenko, Microsoft is deliberately taking action against its software, which is available completely free of charge and without commercial interest. The tool even got its own entry in the search database used by Windows Defender for possible threats. Ultimately, however, the program does little else than the PowerTools-like tools marketed by Microsoft itself.

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