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Microsoft Windows 11 new feature improves the way to restore apps

Microsoft has been trying to put apps and the associated store down for years, but so far it has not really succeeded. Recently, however, the Redmond company has stepped up its efforts and also uses several useful functionalities, including a restore function.

Microsoft Store for Apps should finally take off

For a long time, the Redmond-based company ran its Microsoft Store for apps rather unsuccessfully, but it has now expanded greatly to support or will support Win32 and even Android apps as well. This significantly increases the added value of this platform and that is certainly the reason why Microsoft wants to improve the functionality.

In concrete terms, this means that Microsoft is working on improved functionality for restoring apps. At this point, the Store library essentially just contains a list of previously installed or downloaded apps. While these programs can be reinstalled, it has not yet been possible to install a convenient backup.

As Windows Latest reported, Microsoft is currently working on a feature called “Restore Apps”. The Redmond-based company first announced this at the Build 2022 developer conference – we covered it briefly here – and it allows applications to be installed with just one click or on another device. The whole thing should be much easier and more convenient than visiting the app library.

Restore everything individually

Microsoft is currently testing two options for this new app recovery, which is to restore all and selected applications. The whole thing is more or less self-explanatory: “Restore All” reinstalls all applications that are missing from a device, but you can also make this selection manually.