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Microsoft Xbox Stiffen Rules For Gamerscore Titles

The Redmond company Microsoft is currently revising the rules for Xbox achievements. The group wants to prevent Xbox developers from letting players reach Gamerscore titles too easily. Some achievements currently only take a few minutes.

A developer from the ID@Xbox program is said to have confirmed to TrueAchievements that there will be new rules in connection with Gamerscore from May 1st. In the past, titles have appeared that do not involve any gameplay and are only used to collect achievements quickly. These applications are downloaded by many gamers to get new Gamerscore titles.

Microsoft has given three examples of which procedures will no longer be permitted in the future. All achievements must not be able to be unlocked within a few minutes after the start of the game. Also, they must be awarded for discoveries or interactions with the game’s content. Furthermore, achievements should not be achieved with minimal user input. Titles that violate these rules will not be certified for Xbox and will not be offered in the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft could interpret rules differently

It remains to be seen how strictly Microsoft will ultimately implement the guidelines. The interpretation of the guidelines may also depend on the game in question, so games with correct gameplay should not be removed directly from the store if they do not fully comply with a rule. However, titles that have no real content and only serve to achieve achievements should not be tolerated.

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