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Minecraft Would Impose Permanent Ban On Players Involved In Chat Violations

Wanting to have more control over Minecraft chat, Microsoft and Mojang will introduce innovation with the next update that many players and server owners may not like. Chat messages that break the rules can lead to a worldwide ban. This is from an official changelog.

Players now have the option to report other players when a chat message has been sent that violates the Community Rules. The report is then reviewed by a Mojang moderator. The team has the option to ban the reported player from all online features for three days to four weeks. In extreme cases, a permanent ban is also possible.

The banned player will see a message explaining why. To avoid false reports, every chat message is signed by the player’s client and sent encrypted to the server. Then it can be clearly shown that a statement originates from a specific user.

The feature can be found in current snapshot builds and will be integrated into the game with version 1.19.1. To use the feature, both the client and the server must be running version 1.19.1. Server operators who continue to rely on version 1.17 or 1.18 don’t have to do anything else for now. If you want to update your server, you can bypass the reporting system by allowing unsigned players. From Mojang’s point of view, this means that chats sent cannot simply be assigned to a specific user.

The signature can be deactivated via mod

However, anyone who has already been blocked will no longer be able to connect to the server. In order not to risk being reported and banned, signing can be deactivated using a mod. However, this means that the player will no longer be able to play on servers that require the signature. While it’s a good idea to be polite in chat and not spread hate speech, some servers have rules that are significantly less strict than Mojang’s official guidelines.

There are also a number of special servers where anarchy reigns and expressions of any kind are explicitly allowed. Therefore, many players cannot understand the new system. Much of the community believes that private operators still need to decide who gets to play on their servers. With a worldwide online ban, this is no longer possible