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MIUI 13 is about to meet several Xiaomi and Redmi devices

MIUI 13 will hit several Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones before the end of the year.

Xiaomi MIUI 13

A few months back, Xiaomi announced that it would roll out MIUI 13 to several Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones before the year-end. The company didn’t share the names of the devices getting this new UI. But thanks to our friendly tipsters, we got a list of devices.

Looking deep into the new skin, the developer kacskrz found the MIUI V13.0.0.1.SKACNXM version from the system code. Not only that, but this info also came out with a list of devices getting the new Xiaomu UI update:

  • Xiaomi Mi MIX 4
  • Xiaomi Mi 11 series – Mi 11, Mi 11 Pro, Mi 11 Ultra, and Mi 11 Lite
  • Xiaomi-Mi 10S
  • Redmi K40 series – K40, K40 Pro, and K40 Pro+

We believe there could be more devices getting this new UI from Xiaomi. For instance, what about the upcoming Xiaomi 12? The device is a flagship and will come before the year-end. It really deserves a better OS and a newer UI.

What this MIUI 13 Bring?

Earlier, we thought Xiaomi would release the MIUI 13 by August this year. We were clearly wrong, for the company delayed its release. Anyways, Xiaomi’s founder Lei Jun predicted earlier this month that the company would bring out the beast before the end of the year. So what is that MIUI 13 would bring. Let’s look into that.

Starting with performance, the previous MIUI 12 had issues for which the company introduced MIUI 12.5. But it wasn’t still enough. The new UI will certainly give a boost to the device’s performance running this UI. Moreover, we also heard that this UI will improve the device’s battery performance.

A source suggested that this MIUI 13 will feature floating widgets, customized notification management, virtual RAM expansion, smoother animations, improved power management, a new always-on-display, better privacy, and new themes.

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