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Xiaomi Mix 5 May Come Sooner Than We Imagined

Xiaomi Mix 5 may release in the Q1 of 2022.

Xiaomi Mix 5

Xiaomi is reportedly working on the new series of Xiaomi Mix. The company released one device just recently – Mi Mix 4, back in August. The line of Mix series – Xiaomi Mix 5 – might come sooner than we think.

A pair of the two devices recently landed on a listing site with model numbers 2203121C and 2203121AC. These aren’t ordinary smartphones. The former is the “Thor” model, while the latter is the “Loki” model.

We aren’t sure if the duo would stay only in China or come out of its homeland. Reports, however, predicted that only one of them would come out of the country. Reports also suggested that the duo would belong to the next line of the Xiaomi Mix series – the Xiaomi Mix 5. One could be the vanilla model – Mix 5 – while the other would be the Pro model – Mix 5 Pro.

More reports predicted that the lineup would come with “the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen1 flagship processor. The series might get released by March 2022. But before that, we will definitely meet the Xiaomi 12 lineup, which is expected to come before the year-end.