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Mohammed Ali, a young British Pakistani webmaster refused to sell his website for £5 million

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Mohammed Ali, a young British Pakistani webmaster recently declined to sell his first website for £5 million. According to him, his website worth more than this.

Mohammed Ali is a self-taught webmaster. After completing his school Yorkshire, England, he went for online courses. This passion turned business opportunity took around 6 months to reach this level that he created a website which worths more than just £5 million.

WeNeed1.com is a platform which brings both buyers and seller closer. If a person needs to sell his house, he could out an ad in just 15 seconds and call all the interested buyers to visit his house online and pay the amount later.

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The 17-year-old webmaster told media that every day around 30,000 new users visits his website. 30,000 every day means that the website has a good running SEO behind the website and would gain more soon.

The £5 million offer to buy weneed1.com came from a US-based company. Ali is confident enough to reject the offer. He says that he will reach out the much bigger market and would sell his website for more than just £5 million.

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3 thoughts on “Mohammed Ali, a young British Pakistani webmaster refused to sell his website for £5 million

  1. I have checked the website, i’m sure it is not worth the price you mentioned in the post.

    1. Yes, you are right Abid, Actually I have analyzed the website after seeing this story, the website is not even worth 1000 pounds, the story was published on various famous sites with an intention to get hype and traffic to the website, Even GEO news published this story with out checking authenticity of the story.
      This website belongs to some Indian British person because it has most of the traffic coming from India with intention to grab market in India. The website owner used fake British Pakistani name, and given fake estimates in the story.

      1. My bad. I got the source information which i considered very authentic. My apologies readers, it’s based on exaggerated figures and more fake concepts.

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