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Moto Razr Couldn’t Resist 100,000 Folds Test

Moto Razr 2020

Motorola has recently announced Moto Razr a flip smartphone which got little hype during the past few months, the company has already started preorders for the device. But the tests being conducted related to hinge and fold shows some distressing features of the device.

In a previous review, it was reported that Moto Razr was making weird sounds after conducting a fold test, it was also showing some resistance to fold. However, the new review conducted by Cnet puts Moto Razr in serious trouble, the device can be a big flop before it launches after watching these serious issues with this core built of the phone.

According to Cnet the Moto Razr was unable to sustain 100,000 fold-test, it in fact remained far behind reaching 100,000 fold-test which the company was assuming an acceptable benchmark to test the fold-ability of the device.

Cnet used FoldBot, a machine to carry on continuous folds of the device. After 27000 folds the device started making weird noise coming out of the hinge, moreover, the device also started resisting when folded. The hinge also loosens up some after the test. Cnet also compared Moto Razr with Samsung Galaxy Fold, the similar test was conducted on Galaxy Fold when it was launched, Galaxy Fold survived 120,000 folds before it started exhibiting damage.

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