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Motorola trolls Samsung in a new ad

We all know about the cold war between Apple and Samsung. Both the biggest tech tycoons keep trying to bring something better than the other. So much so that ad fight has also started between the two.

Now in between this race has emerged Motorola. We all saw the ad where Samsung mocked Apple, boasting about all features that Samsung introduced for its users while Apple consumers remain stuck in line to buy a phone, not worth it. Motorola ad is the continuation of Samsung ad. When in the Samsung ad, the guy who converted from Apple to Samsung walk away from the Apple store, he is seen admiring his Samsung phone’s edge-to-edge display. Then his better half comes up and shows him her new Moto Z2. She attaches Moto Mod projector so that photos and videos can be projected at the bigger canvas. The ad has the caption “Their better just got bested. Why settle for edge-to-edge, when you could project your screen up to 70”?”


So the ad war has begun. We all know about users who are very possessive about Apple or Samsung or now Motorola but this has now become something bigger. Brands are not using subliminal messages to target another brand, they are directly hitting their competitors and mocking them via ads.

Samsung started the troll on Apple and Motorola has taken the war forward by targeting both Apple and Samsung.

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Will it end here or we will see more fun ads, cold wars and competitive marketing in upcoming tech commercials, let’s see.

Nicole Craig

Media coordinator and junior editor at Research Snipers RS-NEWS, I studied mass communication and interested technology business, I have 3 years experience in the media industry.