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ms. Marvel launches today on Disney Plus

Disney Plus today launches the next superhero series: Ms. Marvel focuses on a fairly young and little-known heroine who has not yet made a major appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and now must learn how to use her newly discovered powers to cope.

Puberty meets superpowers

After Disney+ only recently ended the first season of Moon Knight, there’s more to come: Ms. Marvel tells the story of 16-year-old Kamala Khan (played by Iman Vellani), who is actually a very normal (albeit something “nerdy”) girl who loves comics, likes to dress up as her idol Captain Marvel and she writes his own fanfiction, but also deals with the bigger and smaller problems of everyday teenage life.

This rather ordinary existence comes to an abrupt end, however, when Kamala one day develops very real superpowers herself – and must now somehow reconcile them with her rather unremarkable teenage existence. As the trailer shows, her powers come from a magical bracelet she got as a gift from her great-grandmother in Pakistan. ms. Marvel is thus the first female superhero with Pakistani roots in the Marvel Universe. However, in the series, their superpowers are visibly different than in the comic book.

Appearance in Marvel’s Avengers

The series isn’t the young heroine’s first appearance outside the comic strip template: in 2020, she took the lead role in the campaign for the Marvel’s Avengers video game, where she had to help bring the Avengers back together and save the world from a catastrophe. The first episode of season 1 is now included in the Disney+ subscription, with five more weeks to follow.