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N4: Samsung Mulling to launch 3rd series of foldable smartphones

Samsung could expand its range of smartphones with foldable displays this year with a third model series. According to a report from the Netherlands, another series will be added to the models with folding screens that have already been launched. how galaxy club According to its own sources, Samsung is currently not only working on new versions of its Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip series but is also planning a series of smartphones with a foldable display. However, it is not yet clear what their form factor will look like.

“B4”, “Q4” and soon also “N4”

According to the report, they are working on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4, which will be codenamed “Q4” and “B4” respectively. In addition, however, there is a new code name, namely “N4”. With the third series of foldable smartphones, Samsung probably wants to use the great success of its previous products of this type to gain an edge over the wider competition. The Korean group currently dominates the market for so-called “foldables” with a share of almost 90 percent.

According to the colleagues, different form factors could be considered for the Galaxy Z “N4”. This could be the first Samsung smartphone with a rollable OLED screen. Alternatively, it can also be a device where you can fold the screen in two places instead of just one. Samsung has already shown corresponding displays for both variants, although it is unclear how far the development of the new panels has progressed. It would also be conceivable that Samsung is planning a kind of larger hybrid device that, when folded, has a display with a larger diagonal compared to the Galaxy Z Fold.

When opened, the panel could then offer a much larger diagonal in comparison and thus take on tablet size. It is currently unclear when and at what price Samsung will launch its new third series of smartphones with a foldable display. The introduction is probably not expected until the second half of the year, as Samsung has already chosen autumn dates for the launch of the previous product generations in recent years.