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NASDAQ to Invest in Financial Technology Startups

Financial Technology Startups

Feb 9, 2017: NASDAQ Inc., the American multinational financial services corporation will be investing in financial technology startups to help startups grow their own venture.

NASDAQ Inc. owns the NASDAQ stock market, the second largest stock exchange, and eight other European stock exchanges.

In a recent news to Reuters, NASDAQ announced that they intend to invest in newly established financial technology startups. As they have been largely offering technology services to stock exchanges and financial service companies, this new route of investing would help them grow even more.

The newly appointed CEO, Adena Friedman, told in an interview, “Areas of focus for us in terms of big projects are all around technology”.

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Although, NASDAQ has not disclosed how much they would invest in these FinTech companies, but they do use the term “modest” while speaking with the media.

Currently, NASDAQ is enjoying its investments and partnerships with Chain and Digital Reasoning. Both of the companies are involved in smart ways to serve financial companies.

“It’s a matter of making sure that we continue to take all of the new technologies that are available in the marketplace and … offering them to our clients”, Adena told in the same interview.

With a rising number of millennial entering in the financial technology realm, investors like NASDAQ are eager to help them grow with their investments and vast experience in the financial service industry.

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