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Sell Your House In London: Nested Claims To Sell Your House Within 90 Days

Sell Your House In London Within 90 Days With Nested

Do you want to sell your house in London, fast?

A London-based startup company, Nested, has a unique method to sell your house in London within 90 days. The company was co-founded by Matt Robinson in 2016 is a blend of technology and real estate.

The startup recently raised another £8 million in funding and is supported by Balderton Capital and Passion Capital.

Within a few months, the company claims to be dealing with 5 clients every month and more are coming towards them. Robinson says,”This meant we broke even in our fourth month of trading with revenue at an annual run-rate of more than £1 million.”

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How to Sell Your House in London with Nested?

With Nested, you’d sell your house in London online. With their online service, you can get an estimation of your house instantly. You’ll be asked to provide some questions after which their smart system would generate an online valuation of your house.

Once you have an estimated valuation of your property, you’d then request for an offer. This process would take around 24 hours to get you an offer, followed by details of your London house. However, an agent would be visiting your property and then would send you the offer.

The best part comes right after; Nested could offer you an advance sum prior to selling your house. The company has a unique way of helping their clients. They would help you by “replacing any existing mortgage and paying you the surplus.”

And the other best part is; if the company sells your house for more than what they initially offered, they’d give you 70% of that surplus straightaway. Isn’t this amazing?

Robinson is expecting more from this company. He is looking how the company could reach 1,000 clients a month, where his incubators talk of 100 clients a month. In an interview, Robinson said,”Based on what we’ve seen so far, I believe we can.”

Image credits: Fintech Roundup

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