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Infinix: The new smartphone in Pakistan


The Pakistani market has its fair innovation of mobile brands. Infinix is one of the known brands in the market that provide good specs at an affordable price. The brand is for young and stylish consumers who want more out of their purchase.

Infinix is a young android company in Pakistan

Not to surprise you but Infinix released its S2 smartphone. The company claims that it is the world’s first Wefie smartphone. The phone launch for Infinix was in Lahore where fans met up for it. The brand believes in engaging customers directly. Everyone came to meet for a nice evening with Infinix officials in a restaurant. The interested consumers got to know about the latest news that the company is working on along with a discussion on how to upgrade the existing models into better versions that will attract more consumers. The Infinix S2 has a dual front camera which brings the first ever application of the ultra-wide angle for front cameras. It aims to take the act of selfies to a new side called Wefie.

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The wefie taken from S2 by Infinix will provide a more attractive picture because of the wide-angle front camera technology. This brings something new to the horizon by using intelligent social networking as a tool to share moments with friends and family. The ultra wide angle shot has notched up the front camera scene. Now, this first ever application will want other apps to make technology compatible to the camera lens for better results.

If you’re planning on buying a new smartphone might as well check this one out. The complete details of the phone will be revealed soon enough. We are eagerly waiting for the price and the new specs of this wefie monster.

Image via Talk Android Phones