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Netflix announces the arrival of Black Mirror season 6

Black Mirror, one of Netflix’s flagship series, is making a comeback. The Variety site, always very knowledgeable, says a season 6 is currently in preparation. It will have to hit hard to convince onlookers who are a little tired of the latest episodes.

Black Mirror is making a comeback! The Variety site reports exclusive the production of a season 6 by Netflix. A new series of episodes three years after the airing of the last one (2019). The site doesn’t really give details of what’s in store for us, but we know that season 6 has more episodes than season 5 (which only had 3 episodes). Each of them lasts more than 60 minutes and is treated like a movie, so with high production resources. As always, we can expect something chiadé with a solid cast.

Black Mirror on Netflix returns after a three-year absence

Many viewers after the broadcast of season 5 believed the end of the series by Netflix. There are several reasons for this: first of all, the declining quality over the seasons. The lack of inspiration from the creator of the series. Charlie Brooker had confessed in 2020 that he did not want to start writing new episodes during such a turbulent time. Finally, the battle for the rights: the owner company (Endemol Shine) that was bought by the Banijay group in the summer of 2020. This last question was settled by an agreement.

Created by Charlie Brooker, Black Mirror is an anticipation series that looks at the relationship between humans and technology. It’s an anthology series: each episode tells a new story with new characters in their own universe. Initially broadcast on Channel 4 (UK), the series migrated to Netflix from its third season in 2015.

This gave the creators more ways to express themselves, but some fans lamented the disappearance of the British touch that made the series charm. Black Mirror seems to have been standing still for a while. After a coldly received fourth season in 2017, the series was delayed for season 5, which consisted of just three episodes. In 2018, Netflix also tried to tell interactive stories with Bandersnatch, an episode that had the particularity of letting the viewer choose the hero’s actions.