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Netflix introduced some enhancements to its ‘Basic with Ads’ plan.

Netflix’s most recent earnings report contains disturbing information about paid account sharing for US subscribers, but there is one small nugget of information that might make some subscribers happy. You’ll be happy to know that Netflix is improving your video quality at no additional cost if you already subscribe to the “Basic with Ads” plan, which is the service’s most affordable package.

Soon, the $6.99/month plan will offer 1080p video quality instead of 720p. Within this month, the upgrade will be widely implemented. Additionally, under the same strategy, Netflix will provide simultaneous streaming on two screens in addition to single-screen streaming. This implies that the Basic with Ads tier can now support two viewers.

“We are happy with how our per-member advertising economics are now performing and trending. For instance, in the US, our advertisement plan’s total ARM (subscription + ads) is already higher than that of our normal plan. As a result, starting with Canada and Spain today, we’ll improve the feature set of our advertisement plan this month to include 1080p video quality rather than 720p and two concurrent streams in all 12 ad regions,” Netflix wrote in its Q1 2023 shareholder letter.

There were no changes announced for other subscription plans, including basic, standard, and premium.

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