New Android 11 Gesture Features Can Be Activated By Double-Tap On The Back

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Google is currently testing new gestures in Android 11 as Xda has learned from Android 11 Developer Preview. The users on Android 11 would just need you to double-tap the back of the phone in order to activate the whole set of new features. The gesture double-tap can also be used if you are using the phone case;

The features and functions can be activated by double-tap at the back are as follows;

  1. Turn Off The Timer
  2. Start The Camera
  3. Play and Pause
  4. Start Google Assistant
  5. Pause The Alarm
  6. Mute Incoming Calls
  7. Cancel Fixed Notice

The best part is that users do not require premium hardware to use these gesture features, they only need gyroscope and acceleration sensor which is commonly added in mid-range smartphones, and however, there is a doubt that Google might only send these features to Pixel smartphones.

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However, there are more chances that Google will make the feature officially available to all Android 11 users, the company will officially unveil the Android 11 at Google I/O developer’s conference by the second half of the year. Previously in 2017, Google announced an Android update with 7 new features at the same I/O developer’s conference.