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New Beats Fit Pro Comes With AirPods Features

Beats Fit Pro

The Apple subsidiary Beats has presented its latest wireless earbuds, the Beats Fit Pro, which can be comfortably and securely attached to the ear with a kind of flexible “swing arm”. For less than 200 dollars, they offer the best features known from Apple’s AirPods.

At first glance, the Beats Fit Pro look very similar to the Beats Studio Buds, but they have a “wing tip” – Beats speaks of a “wingtip” – which is supposed to ensure a secure hold when moving quickly during sport. With an IPX4 certification, the headphones should be well protected even during sweaty workouts.

The Beats Fit Pro features the same Apple H1 wireless chip that enables voice control with Siri, one-touch pairing, and Find-My support in the AirPods. In addition, the automatic interruption of playback is also supported, after all, Apple’s corresponding sensor is also on board.

Beats Fit Pro Has ANC and Transparency Mode

The new in-ear headphones for athletes also have the adaptive equalizer, spatial audio, and dynamic head tracking. Dolby Atmos is supported in Apple Music and in the playback of films and series, among other things. Unlike the new third-generation AirPods, the Beats Fit Pro also has active noise suppression integrated, with an adjustment taking place up to 200 times per second.

The transparency mode also makes it possible to hear conversations even when the noise suppression is activated, as active noise canceling is exposed in order to perceive things such as speech. Beats is also promoting the new headphones by using a new transducer and improved ventilation to optimize audio quality alongside the revamped acoustic design.

There are also beam-forming microphones, which are supposed to ensure optimal quality during phone calls and other voice tasks, while inward-facing microphones and an accelerometer help to minimize ambient noise.

6 Hours Of Battery Time With ANC On

According to the manufacturer, the new headphones should enable up to six hours of audio playback when using active noise canceling or transparency mode. By recharging via the battery of the transport case, a further 21 hours of running time should be possible. If you deactivate the two additional functions and use the Adaptive EQ, up to seven hours should be possible, whereby a further maximum of 27 hours can be achieved by reloading.

Unlike the AirPods, for example, the case of the Beats Fit Pro does not support wireless charging, but at least it can be charged quickly via cable, they say. If you want to use the headphones in connection with an Android device, you need the Beats app, because this is the only way to enable one-touch pairing, the fit-test and the change between the operating modes, and the adaptation of the behavior when you press and hold the housing can be adjusted.

The Beats Fit Pro is now available for pre-order in the US for just under $200. Apple offers them in the colors white, black, gray, and purple and will deliver from November 5th. In Europe, the new Beats headphones will not go on sale until next year, which is probably a consequence of the poor availability of certain components due to the ongoing global chip crisis

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