New filters and custom stickers arrive on Instagram

Just recently, Meta’s social media platform, Instagram, received several new features. These features will allow users to edit the content prior to sharing. For the first time in several years, Instagram has added twenty new filters that will modify the images. While some of the filters offer only slight color changes, others completely alter the appearance by including effects like blur and others. There is an intensity slider on each filter so you may adjust the final appearance.

In addition to this, the posting interface of the app has been streamlined. Users can now easily find images via the enhanced preview option from the camera rolls. Users can now zoom in and search images by keywords. Notably, the features are under testing, so they might not be accessible to all users.

Furthermore, another element of the app, ‘Reels’, will receive several new features in the future. Reportedly, the company will add options like cropping, scaling, and rotating separate clips. The clip hub offers choices that can be added to create “more memeable content.” Moreover, the interface of Reels is improved, and it is now easier to find tools like voiceover. Besides this, options like redo and undo are also added.

Instagram users may now select from ten new English text-to-speech voices and six additional text font and style options when reading text content. Keep in mind that some features are still in the beta stage and aren’t yet accessible to all users. On the other hand, the ad-free plan of Instagram and Facebook is now available to EU users.

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