New Galaxy Buds Pro Reportedly Offers 28 Hours Running Time

Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung has a tradition of always introducing a new generation of in-ear headphones to go with the new flagship smartphones. Together with the Galaxy S21 series, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will come in January, for which all details are now available for the first time.

As reported by 91Mobiles, Samsung is planning a number of innovations for the Galaxy Buds Pro, which, in addition to the refreshed design, should above all ensure a long runtime and the best possible sound. The most important feature of the wireless earbuds, which cost around 230 euros, is integrated active noise suppression so that ambient noise should be well blocked out.

In connection with the design as in-ear headphones, which should optimally close the ear canal for most users thanks to silicone attachments in several sizes, the reduction of ambient noise by up to 35 decibels should deliver very decent results. In addition, Samsung integrates support for “3D spatial audio“, ie the playback of audio content with three-dimensional surround sound.

This is possible because the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, unlike their predecessors, each have two small speakers. Each of the two earplugs has a bass speaker with a diameter of 11 millimeters, while a tweeter for high tones with a diameter of 6.5 millimeters is also on board.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

As far as the running time is concerned, the new Galaxy Buds Pro should surpass the previous models by around 20 percent. There is talk of a combined total running time of up to 28 hours. With this value, however, the recharging by the battery contained in the transport case is included, which has a very high capacity of 472mAh. There is a 61mAh battery in each of the two small headphones. How long the Buds Pro should last without reloading is not yet known. Among other things, Samsung will equip the new headphones with head tracking, offer several levels of ANC and, of course, again enable operation with a simple tap. Among other things, gyroscopes have a function called SoundAlive, Dolby Atmos, and the ability to connect to several audio sources.

Initially, the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro appears in the colors violet, silver, and black, which means that they are optically matched to the color variants of the smartphones in the Galaxy S21 series. They should match the new purple color variant of the Galaxy S21 and S21+, which this year represents the so-called “hero color” of the new top smartphone.

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