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Samsung Deleted Jokes About Missing iPhone Charger

After the presentation of the new iPhone 12 family, some smartphone manufacturers turned up their sleeves and made fun of the fact that Apple will no longer include the charger. Samsung doesn’t seem to think much of the marketing jokes anymore and has deleted them when the company realizes that it has to follow the same route Apple took earlier.

First laughed at, then copied:

We have already reported several times that Samsung will probably copy Apple and no longer want to include a power supply/charger with the upcoming Galaxy S21. Basically, this is not a problem either; there should usually be no lack of suitable charging options for smartphone users at home.

Immediately deleted again

However, there was one flaw: Samsung had shared some posts on various social media channels that made fun of Apple. Those responsible at Samsung do not like to see this type of marketing at all – especially not when such posts age very poorly and can be made by the competition just a few weeks later because Samsung is also rationalizing the power supplies. The tweets and posts have therefore now simply been deleted (via HT Tech News )

In a few weeks, it will be time for the Samsung Unpacked event the group will show the new smartphones, and then you will also get a confirmation of the extent to which Samsung will save on the included accessories. These are all “speculations”, but they also come from very reliable sources.

In the run-up to this year’s launch, we found out and published almost all details about the S21 series early on. This includes press photos and technical specifications.

Samsung Mocking Apple For Charger Ad Video Deleted

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