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New Google Messaging App For Business Combines Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar And More

Google new app

Google is reportedly working on a new app for businesses that combines the likes of Gmail, Hangouts, Google Calendar, Chat/Meet, and more Google apps to make it a unified app in which businesses can operate, collaborate and communicate in a single window.

Google is now integrating its standalone apps e.g. Gmail, Hangouts Chat, Hangouts video calling “Hangout Meet” and Google Calendar would also be integrated however, users will be required to open the Calendar app.

The integration is meant to provide all business-related app functionalities in one place, as part of G Suite Google is now planning to roll out a new business app which manages all these apps to improve the productivity of the businesses. Google’s Cloud Unit CEO Thomas Kurian hinted at this app earlier at a conference.

The new app would be available for businesses via the mobile application, however, it’s not clear yet if Google is also working on a web version of the app or not.

Google seems to be taking on Slack and Microsoft Teams App with this new app for businesses according to the report, two people were briefed about the new app which is being integrated.

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Google currently provides a plenty of applications that help businesses in different ways however, the company is still lacking a unified app that addresses all the collaboration and communications between the teams, app like Slack and Microsoft Teams are well positioned for these types of features required by the businesses.G Suite team is “almost exclusively working on products with business customers in mind.” With the focus on businesses and enterprises, this new unified messaging app is unlikely to be released for regular or individual customers.