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New Mac Pro 2023 is Quite Disappointing

When it comes to new models, Mac Pro users are used to long waits, after all, they end up with a new design and the most powerful hardware – most of the time. Because in this respect, the new Apple desktop calculators for professionals could disappoint many.

Mac Pro users have been waiting for an update for four years, and it’s coming soon

A full six years had passed between the currently available Mac Pro and its predecessor. Apple last carried out a model update in 2019 and released the desktop computer in the now infamous “cheese grater” case. This time, however, it will not take six years until a new model is available. Apple will unveil new Mac Pro models this year, but they may not live up to expectations for a new design and unprecedented performance.

As the usually very well-informed journalist Marc Gurman writes in his newsletter, the Mac Pro models this year will be based on exactly the same housing as their predecessors. “The new Mac Pro looks identical to the 2019 model,” says the clear rejection of an adjustment. The unmistakable “cheese grater” design, which caused controversy after the presentation four years ago, can continue to adorn the Pro hardware.

No expandable RAM, no high-end model

What Apple is planning inside the machine could also be bitter. The first limitation Gurman mentions, while expected, may still disappoint some pro users. In contrast to the current Intel model, the first Mac pro with Apple Silicon will not offer the option of expanding the working memory. The memory modules are permanently connected to the chip and must be configured when purchasing.

Second point: Gurman wants to be able to confirm rumors that Apple does not want to offer a top version with a new M chip – this was in development. “The model with 48 CPU cores and 152 graphics cores has been dropped,” says Gurman. Instead, Apple is said to be planning to release a version with the M2 Ultra chip, which puts the new Mac Pro in a rather odd position compared to the already available Mac Studio.

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