New UI for Google Weather arrives on Android phones

MSN Weather App

According to some recent pieces of information, the refurbished Google Weather UI is arriving on several Android smartphones. Initially, Google debuted the redesigned UI on the Pixel Fold and the Pixel Tablet. Now, the company is rolling it out to other Android devices. According to the information shared by Mishaal Rahman, the new UI has arrived for several users.

Users can find the Weather app inside the Google app on Android smartphones. With the fresh new UI, the three-tab view will be substituted by a view for Today, Tomorrow, and a 10-day timespan. The newly updated UI for Google Weather aligns with the company’s Material You design theme.

In addition to this, a feature named ‘Weather Warnings’ will be introduced. It could be found between the Now and the hourly forecast section. Well, this is pretty good since users will have a deeper insight into the weather before making any plans. The new UI is gradually arriving on more and more Android smartphones. Thankfully, the new UI is not limited to Pixel smartphones.

On the whole, the new UI redesign for the Google Weather app now presents an informative look with a nice appeal. Given that Google is about to introduce the Google Pixel 8 series, now is the ideal time to release a new user interface for Android phones. Even though it is a fairly small adjustment, it could give its new gadgets some flair.

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