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New Update Pushing Out to Samsung Galaxy Note8

Samsung is rolling out its new update for the Galaxy Note 8 phone. This is a security update. This update incorporates Android fixes for the present month that is October. Presently is being pushed to the smartphones in some Asian markets.

This security update was released three weeks ago for a handful of Android devices, including Galaxy S8.

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The smartphone units especially in Hong Kong and China that are of model numbers SM- N9500 & SM- N9508 are getting the update. Other than the security patch no further information is available that what other possible changes (if any) the update might bring.

The security update brings fixes for two hundred and fifteen susceptibilities in the Android OS. Fixes for six vulnerabilities of the Samsung’s software are also involved.

As it mostly happens that any update takes time to reach all the users, so is possible with this update notification which might take some time before it pops up on all the smartphones present across the globe, if it had not already. All the people residing outside Hong Kong and China it would be just a matter of time before the security update reaches them in all their regions.

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