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Next Xbox And PS6 Launching Dates

The PS5 and Xbox Series X came out two years ago and are still relatively early in their lifecycle. But Sony and Microsoft are already planning the successors and they already have ideas about the date.

The current consoles from Microsoft and Sony are celebrating their second birthday these days and it is still not a matter of course that you can get a copy immediately and at the regular price. The manufacturers have certainly not yet started planning the successors in detail, but there are certainly already initial ideas and considerations.

This also includes the specification of a schedule: A console life cycle is usually six to seven years, recently it was longer rather than shorter. In purely mathematical terms, Sony’s PlayStation 6 and the next Xbox should come onto the market around 2027.

Not before 2027, rather later

However, according to documents submitted by the Japanese manufacturer in connection with objections to Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard by British competition authorities, Sony suggests that the next PlayStation will appear rather later, i.e. after 2027.

Sony is citing an alleged promise from Microsoft that Call of Duty should be available for PlayStation by 2027. Sony believes that this would mean that the PlayStation 6 would be launched without a new Call of Duty. From this one can conclude that the PS6 should not appear until after 2027.

Microsoft agrees, at least as far as the date is concerned. Because the Redmond company writes in a statement: “Indeed, the next new generation of consoles will not be on the market until autumn 2028 at the earliest.”

Sony’s court documents are likely to be older, as Microsoft has reportedly increased the commitment to ten years. But that shouldn’t change anything about the statements about the consoles.

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