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Nintendo files 500 complaints against a YouTube channel broadcasting its music

Nintendo has decided to withdraw the heavy artillery by filing more than 500 copyright claims against a YouTube channel. This channel, followed by 165,000 people, is known for broadcasting the soundtracks of many retro games.

As you may know, Nintendo is one of those companies that doesn’t joke about the unauthorized use of its works, even when it comes to the more innocuous fan projects. Recently, the Japanese manufacturer distinguished itself by tracking down fans who publish theories about the history of the Super Mario movie… We also remember this Pokémon FPS developed by a license enthusiast. without surprise, Nintendo did everything it could to stop the project.

This time, BigN has decided to tackle the YouTube channel DeoxysPrime. This channel, followed by 165,000 subscribers, mainly broadcasts complete soundtracks of retro games. We particularly like the music of many Sonic titles, but also those of some cult Nintendo licenses.
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Nintendo follows a channel specializing in game soundtracks

Obviously, Nintendo doesn’t really appreciate these kinds of initiatives. As DeoxysPrime explains, he received no less than 500 copyright infringement claims in one week, while a dozen Nintendo game soundtracks have been blocked from his YouTube channel. These include pieces from the soundtracks of the Smash Bros series, Donkey Kong Country games, the F-Zero series, or even the recent Mario Kart.

Under pressure from Nintendo, the managers of the chain have decided to bow and remove the Nintendo soundtracks: “From now on I will delete all Nintendo music from my channel. With over 500 claims and a dozen soundtracks blocked last week, it’s clear they don’t want their music on YouTube.

I feel sorry for anyone who loves their music, but I don’t really have a choice,” said the DeoxysPrime team. The chain’s members specify that: the other soundtracks remain available on YouTube. However, the owners of DeoxysPrime acknowledge that Nintendo is right and are calling on fans to put pressure on the manufacturer to release the soundtracks of its games, both in physical form and on streaming platforms such as Spotify.

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