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Nintendo Hacker Bowser Wants Early Prison Release

The names Gary Bowser and Team Xecuter should be familiar to many Nintendo pirates. Bowser was considered one of the leading figures in this professional hacking group. Bowser is currently serving a 40-month prison sentence but wants an early release.

The 52-year-old is the best-known name in connection with Team Xecuter, Bowser was considered the sales manager of the scene group. What was special about Team Xecuter was that they sold and distributed modding chips and other hardware that made it possible to play illegally obtained Nintendo games.

The Canadian was arrested a few years ago and sentenced to 40 months in prison in 2020. While this is a significant stay behind Swedish curtains, it is less than prosecutors would have liked to see. Because she wanted (the confessing) Bowser to spend five years behind prison walls.

As things stand, Bowser will be incarcerated until the end of July this year, but TorrentFreak reports that he wants an early release, largely on the basis of earned time credits, and bonus points for good behavior and activities while incarcerated. If recognized, Bowser could be fired as early as mid-March.

Other problems

But then the problems could really start, as he reports in the NickMoses05 gaming podcast via phone call: “Because I’m Canadian and we’re close to the Canadian border and Seattle, they’re basically just going to fingerprint me and release me, then drive me to the Canadian border, throw me off the bus and say go home.” In practice, however, that means he would have to walk 3,000 miles (4828.03 km) in Canada before he could get to someone who could help, Bowser said.

His actual support network is in the Dominican Republic anyway, and he wants to return there at some point. He has no money because, in the course of the proceedings against him, he has agreed to pay Nintendo ten million dollars in damages.