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PlayStation VR2 New GamePlay Shown In a Video

Sony will soon be launching the second generation of its PSVR 2 virtual reality glasses. Compared to its predecessor, users can then look forward to a higher resolution, an enlarged field of view, and better controllers, among other things. With a new trailer, Sony wants to make the new hardware palatable to users.

The PlayStation VR 2 will be released on February 22, 2023, costs just under 600 euros, and can then only be used together with a PlayStation 5. Interaction with the PlayStation 4 or even a PC is not possible.

Higher resolution, larger field of view, and more

For this price, however, Sony also wants to offer a lot to enable the wearer of such a headset to have the most impressive VR experience possible. In addition, this has a resolution of 2000 x 2040 pixels per eye. Sony specifies the field of view as 110 degrees – that’s 10 percent more than the predecessor. Also new is the tracking of eye movements, which is used, for example, when aiming and is also required for foveated rendering. This ensures that what the player is looking at is rendered sharper.

The new controllers of the VR glasses have adaptive triggers (similar to the DualSense controller) and support haptic feedback. This should make fired weapons feel different in games, for example. What is new is that the headset itself can also provide feedback through vibrations.

Sony also recently published a detailed FAQ on the official PlayStation blog that answers pretty much all questions about the headset.

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