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Nintendo Switch Firmware Update Is Now Available For Download

Nintendo Switch

A new firmware update for the Nintendo Switch is now available for download. The Japanese manufacturer is updating its popular hybrid console to version 12.0.0, which at first glance suggests a big leap. We’ll show you all the changes.

While the previous Nintendo Switch update to version 11 in December brought various functions, such as the trending area and screenshot sharing for smartphones, the new firmware update to version 12 is relatively small. Although the patch, which is now available, is more reminiscent of an intermediate step à la version 11.1, Nintendo decided to jump to build 12.0.0 with regard to the version number. As the current changelog shows, only one backup problem has been fixed.

Changes made in version 12.0.0: We have resolved an issue with the save data backup feature where in rare cases the automatic save data backup is interrupted if a communication error occurs during completion. (As of April 6, 2021).

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The next few days will show whether further innovations have been introduced that Nintendo does not talk about in the official patch notes. Among other things, undocumented stability improvements are often introduced that are only discovered afterwards by coding experts. In most cases, the Nintendo Switch should automatically update to firmware version 12.0.0. If you have deactivated the corresponding function for automatic updates, you can trigger the software update manually in the settings.

Rumors about the “Nintendo Switch Pro” and release in 2021

Apart from the latest patch, the rumour mill continues to talk about a possible Nintendo Switch Pro, which could appear this year with an improved Nvidia graphics unit, a 7-inch OLED display and games in higher 4K resolution. However, Nintendo has denied rumours about a new console in the past.