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Nokia 3310 is coming with 4G Version

Remember Nokia 3310? It is one of the most favorite phones of all times. True, after the advent of smartphones and new features, Nokia 3310 now seems antique but still loved. Well, the good news is that Nokia is introducing a completely new version of 3310 phone that would have 4G.

Not long ago HMD Global introduced Nokia 3310 3g version. 3G version offered an improved connectivity. Now HMD Global is coming back with another new version of Nokia 3310 that will have 4G. Instead of on Feature OS or s30+, this new version of Nokia 3310 will run on YunOS. Feature OS or s30+ were the operating systems that ran on 2G and 3G version of Nokia 3310 phone.

YunOS supports many apps that are available for Android and iOS. The most popular messaging app available on smartphones, WhatsApp will now be available on the 4G version of Nokia 3310.

Would Nokia 3310 4G version get the same popularity as mainstream smartphones? Well, we can’t be sure about that but Nokia 3310 is a legendary phone to keep as many people would have fond memories of the phone.

Nokia is known for its talk, text and the classic snake game. Nokia 3310 3G version phone had a new innovative interface and different colors. New colors that were added to the phone were Azure, Yellow, Warm Red, and Charcoal. The battery life of the phone was exceptional, as it can last 6.5 hours on 3G talk time and 27 days of standby time.

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