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Nokia And Vodafone Tested 100mbps Passive Optical Network PON

Nokia Vodafone

As the demand for Internet-connected devices and services grows, so does the demand for network bandwidth worldwide. In order to control future broadband demand, according to HotHardware, Nokia and Vodafone tried a new optical fiber technology. The test was conducted in Vodafone’s laboratory in Eshorn, Germany. This technology can make broadband speeds up to 100Gbps.

This new technology, called Passive Optical Network (PON), is achieved by combining 25Gbps optical technology with the most advanced digital signal processing (DSP) technology. Nokia said that once this DSP technology is adopted, the network will be expanded to 50Gbps or 100Gbps is also a relatively simple matter, and maybe commercialized by the end of the 1920s.

In addition to increased speed, PON networks have other benefits, such as flexible rate transmission technology. The working principle of the flexible rate transmission technology is to group fiber modems with similar characteristics to make data transmission more efficient, thereby improving delay and reducing power consumption by half. 

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As Stefaan Vanhastel, Chief Technology Officer of Nokia’s Fixed Network Division said: “These speed breakthroughs have transformed existing fibre-to-the-home networks into fibre-optic networks that can connect homes, businesses, remote cable TV nodes, and 5G small cells.”

If this technology can enter the market within these ten years, it may become a game-changer for existing networks and make network deployment in undeveloped areas more efficient. In places where there are no fibre-optic lines, such as rural areas or small towns, it may reduce the number of cables required for network construction. In addition, the application of 5G technology can be expanded through higher-speed optical fibres, which is a good thing for the entire society.

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