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Nokia introduces Pure UI, a new user interface design language

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A few weeks ago, we learned that Nokia has made some major changes in its business strategies. As a part of its business strategy, the company changed its logo to indicate that the business is entering a new era. Now, the company has come forward with a new user interface termed Pure UI. Pure UI has been designed by Nokia Design Team. Of course, the company will make use of this user interface on all of its products besides smartphones.

The company has followed modern design trends. Notably, Pure UI is consistent, flexible, and offers a minimalistic look. It consists of several components. Nokia Pure typeface is a major part of the new design.  It will be utilized throughout the user interface.

Some notable features of Pure UI

  • The icons of Nokia Pure UI are created on geometric shapes
  • App screens present a consistent look because of Pure Illustrations
  • Pure icons support dark mode
  • It is suitable for all types of displays
  • It can be used to create complex, informative dashboards

Some details about Pure UI

Pure UI includes new icons. The new icons are based on strokes. Interestingly, the thickness of strokes can differ in order to fit the display requirements and capacities of a given device. When a certain component has to grab the user’s attention, they also include smooth animations. Furthermore, Pure UI has some standard elements. These standard elements can be used to build steady screens and displays. It supports dark mode. In the dark mode, elements and icons adjust their styles appropriately.

Nokia phones have so far maintained an appearance that is very similar to vanilla Android, but Pure UI should start to gain traction. Nevertheless, it is not stated how soon that will occur. Nokia Pure UI includes strong components that can be used to create intricate web-based dashboards. The user interface can be scaled to fit everything from small wrist-worn displays to substantial wall-mounted panels.

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