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Nokia to Launch its own Laptop Soon


Nokia Company is soon going to launch its own laptop. Previously, news has been making rounds on the internet for a while now about the HMD Global-backed Nokia working on a laptop of its own. Though, there was no validation to back it up.

As per the details, the confirmation of a Nokia Purebook laptop comes straight from Flipkart, which preserves the non-phone products branch of Nokia. The trading company has set up a landing page for the forthcoming laptop on its website.

We know for a fact that this information is true as last year in November, the online retailer Flipkart joined with Nokia to introduce smart TVs in the country that will carry Nokia’s brand name. Deceptively, the license extended beyond smart TVs.

The retailer is the only one internationally that has shared teaser posters, which points to the forthcoming launch of Nokia-branded laptops in India.

The teaser does not reveal much except that the notebook will be powerful, immersive, and lightweight. It does confirm that the notebook will be called Purebook subsequent to the PureView lineup of Nokia smartphones. Besides, it is unclear if there will be numerous models of the Nokia Purebook. A previous report suggests that the laptop will be launched with 9 variants.

Flipkart has not exposed the launch date also. But, since the landing page has been created, the laptop might be launched soon.

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