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Nothing Phone (2) processor accidentally revealed from Katouzian’s congratulating post

With the successful launch of Nothing’s first mobile, we have our eyes on the launch of its second model, Nothing Phone 2. Although it hasn’t launched yet, we got some information about it from a leak. As per information from executives at Qualcomm, we got some news about the Nook Phone 2’s processor. It contains the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC.

However, this seems quite shocking in comparison to Nothing Phone 1. This previous model contains the mid-range Snapdragon 778G+5G. This processor isn’t bad at all; it just lags a step behind the chips that are powering the currently popular phones on the market.

Following the first model, we were hoping for the same thing in the second model. But it worked beyond our expectations, thanks to the leak news we got via 91 Mobile. Now we know that this latest launch will contain a powerful processor.

Chip that’ll be used by phone 2

This leak happened during MWC 2023. As during when Qualcomm’s SVP and GM of Mobile, compute, and XR business units, Alex Katouzian, generated a post that contained congratulations regarding the launch of Nothing 2 for the team along with Carl Pei. Through this post, we can draw two conclusions. One is about the launch, which is nowhere near happening soon. Also, we haven’t gotten any official news on that.

The second conclusion is about the mention of the phone’s processor in the post. As he congratulates Carl Pei and his team on the launch with the name of the processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1) at the end of the post.

Following this post, we have received some news from an executive from Qualcomm. Although we cannot say anything for sure, We can’t predict yet if Katouzian’s post is a correct depiction of the processor or not.

If this device actually contains the processor that was mentioned in the post, that would make this phone among some of the top devices on the market. Although this processor is also a half generation behind, its daily performance will be unmatched.

With this new processor, there’ll be a high price tag for this device. Because its manufacturing can cost quite a lot as per the usage of advanced SoC, Also, the fact that the economy is struggling at its worst will make it even more expensive to manufacture. Although we cannot predict its price yet, we can hope for it to be somewhere around the first device’s price.

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