Nothings Chat app is no longer available on Play Store

Green chat bubble or a blue chat bubble, a lot of controversy and a lot of differentiation. However, it is quite easy to differentiate between an Android and an iOS user via the color of the chat bubble. It is a known fact that the messages show in blue chat bubbles on an iPhone, whereas messages from non-iPhone devices like other Android phones show up in green bubbles.

Just a few days ago, we learned that Nothing introduced its chatting app under the name Nothing Chats. Reportedly, the app is considered a bridge between Android and iOS. In simple words, a message from a Nothing phone could appear with blue bubbles in iMessage. It has been just a few days since the app was launched; however, unfortunately, the app has been removed from the Play Store because of privacy concerns.

According to reports, the app was developed in partnership with Sunbird. In selected markets, the app was rolled out to beta testers who were using Nothing Phone 2. It was only a temporary fix because Sunbird had to forward the text messages from the Nothing Phone 2 to iMessage. This implied that users would also have to grant the app accessibility to their iCloud accounts, which would not be something that many users would find acceptable.

Recently, it came to light that the chats weren’t end-to-end encrypted. Since they were sent in the form of plain text it is quite easy to compromise. Some other reports indicate that Sunbird could have access to user’s messages. The company has officially confirmed that the app is no longer available on Play Store. The company further shared that the complete launch of the app has been postponed for now. Reportedly, Nothing will take its time to provide details about the bugs and resolve them. Currently, there are no details on whether the company will be able to resolve these issues and make its way back to the Play Store or not.

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