Google Play Store could get AI-generated FAQs

The tech giant Google has added AI features to several apps and products. It was meant to make its way to the Play Store as well and it is here. According to some recent pieces of information, the company has something new for the Play Store based on AI. The traces for this information were uncovered in the code of the latest version of the app.

AssembleDebug, the well-known Android app researcher, discovered that in the future, the app might feature AI-based auto-generated FAQs. According to the details, the FAQs will be available within apps as well as game listings. He found the code strings during the teardown of Google Play Store v38.4.12. Unfortunately, there are no screenshot images in support of the new AI-generated FAQs feature.

The source claims that this is not an experimental feature. According to him, this feature is meant to make its way to the Play Store. He mentioned the Download Buddy feature as a supporting element. This feature has been under development since last year and debuted recently in September 2023.

AssembleDebug notes that despite there being a few flags for this latest addition, activating them does not appear to enable it just yet. These AI FAQs would be displayed under the details portion of each app and game page. This implies that AI-generated FAQs on the Play Store are still in their infancy, but more information about this feature should become available in future Play Store updates.

Google has been quite busy with the Google Play Store for the last few weeks. The company has recently revised the rules and guidelines for Android developers. According to the new rules, developers are required to test their apps for at least 15 days with at least 20 people. Such rules will ensure that the apps are free of glitches and bugs. Overall, they will help to improve the quality of apps before they make their way to the public. Besides this, Google has introduced several new tools for developers. According to Google, the new tools will help developers increase app installs three times. With more user engagement, things will eventually be beneficial for everyone.

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