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Now Drones Can Detect Your Heartbeat And Breathing Rate

Researchers have found the way to develop an innovative machine that can detect heartbeat and breathing rate remotely, a team of researchers at the University of South Australia have developed drones that are able to measure breathing rate and heartbeat remotely.

Researchers have combined Image-processing systems with specially designed algorithms in drones that are able to detect internal conditions for a group of people simultaneously while they are moving—says the report.

The groundbreaking technology can be used for several purposes, healthcare, War Zones, Athletics, Sports and many others.

Potential Danger

The technology could be deadly as well, Elon Musk has been continuously warning about autonomous weapons, and deadly robots that could lead to new ara of war most probably world war III, once ignited by these AI based autonomous robotic weapons could lead to an ultimate disaster which can never be stopped or reversed. It’s a dangerous development on one hand but has some fruitful benefits, Elon Musk is spurring governments to make common legislation on the use of AI in weapons so the AI could bring the humanity positive things and sustainable future rather than destruction.

The System

The system scans the face and neck movements and analyzes against the algorithms developed in order to accurately measure the breathing and heart rates. During the tests, drones took the measurement from 3 meters distance, but it could be extended much farther.

Project supervisor Prof. Javaan Chahl said “the drone has a capability of treating each person individually, by providing traces of each individual’s heartbeat and breathing rate.” There are many instances where environments become hostile such as oceans, where drones can be used to gain access to people in trouble quickly, also in healthcare setting instruments can be avoided in places where it becomes extremely difficult to carry them, drones would provide information without using some of the instruments.

Can be used in Car Accidents

The research came out from the need and desire to use non-contact sensors to replace electrodes that are still commonly used especially in developing countries to detect vital signs in newborns and that could lead to infections.

The technology seems to be reducing the hostility of environments and could be quite applicable in remote areas, if a drone can make it without contact it would be the game changer. But further testing in the range of environments is needed, the technology can be used in car accidents to constantly monitor vital signs which the ambulance is on the way.

The team is looking for commercial interest and Prof. Chahl said, we need only one good discussion with an industry partner who has an idea then we could see the technology coming into life in months.

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