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Now You Can Search Xbox Cloud Games Directly in Bing

Microsoft also offers cloud streaming of games via its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which is especially useful if you have a computer that does not offer powerful (gaming) hardware. You can now find and start these games via the browser.

The cloud gaming market was a big hype not long ago, but it has recently taken a huge hit when Google announced that it will be pulling the plug on Stadia early next year. The reason is certainly the chronic lack of success of the games service, which was launched to revolutionize the industry.

Streaming is part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Microsoft will certainly be unimpressed by this, after all, they are pursuing a completely different business model: Because they offer streaming as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate package. This means that for a monthly fee you already get a large number of games to use, many of which can also be played via streaming.

And since Stadia will soon be closing its doors, Google probably won’t mind Microsoft copying a feature there either. As reported by Windows Central, you can now use the Microsoft search engine Bing to search for a game and then start the title at the touch of a button.

When you search for a specific title via Bing, the first result you get is exactly this game. A green button, which you can’t really miss, prompts you to “play”. If you press it, you can start the game directly – a valid subscription is of course a prerequisite. The use of Microsoft’s own browser Edge is not absolutely necessary, because, unlike Windows Central, the feature can also be used on Chrome.

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