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Doom Working In NotePad

One question about hardware and software must always be allowed: does Doom actually run on it? Now you can find another curious entry on this list. A tinkerer has succeeded in displaying the shooter classic from the 90s in Notepad.

Doom runs inside Notepad

When it comes to getting the software to run on as many systems as possible, Doom is an impressive example of the community’s ambition to push the boundaries. For years, inventors have had fun putting the cult shooter from 1993 on refrigerators, pocket calculators, or even a pregnancy test. The YouTuber Samperson (Sam Chiet) is now attracting attention with a new implementation: “I managed to run Doom within Notepad,” is the title of the inventor’s latest video. Small warning before viewing: the result is not particularly easy on the eyes.

Chiet does not currently provide a technical description of its structure, but intends to publish it “soon”. The video, which has more than 100,000 views within a day of publication, shows how the inventor cleverly uses the word processor that comes pre-installed on every Windows computer to depict the graphics of the cult shooter – as far as that is within the scope of the It is possible to use text modules for a black and white display.

Could Be ASCII magic

It is not known how he feeds the necessary information into Notepad, but Chiet emphasizes that he did not modify Notepad’s code. The game is fully playable as shown, and he hasn’t adjusted the speed of the video either. Until further information is released, it can only be assumed that the word processing program is used here as a kind of screen for externally generated frames in ASCII format. One commenter sums up what many are thinking upon seeing the result: “Absolutely insane, I love it – my eyeballs are melting a bit but fingers crossed for a release!”