OnePlus 12 will offer “premium build” and much more

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The OnePlus 12 is constantly updating its details. Some specs of the OnePlus 12 were revealed by a well-known tipster, Yogesh Brar. The device being “premium built” was also revealed in detail.

One plus 12 will offer “Premium built”, wireless charging, large battery and much more

Although it’s improbable, we don’t really know if that indicates that OnePlus will employ different materials this time. It’s likely that the frame will once again be made of aluminum, with Corning’s Gorilla Glass providing front and rear protection.

The source also stated that an IP rating will be there, which is fantastic given that the OnePlus 11 cannot make the same claim. The smartphone will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, and the tipper also made mention of the battery and charging.

According to reports, the phone would have a 5,400mAh battery and enable 100W wired and 50W wireless charging. This is undoubtedly an upgrade over its predecessor, the OnePlus 11, which had no wireless charging at all.

Camera and other features

Three of them are anticipated, and according to the source, we will receive two 50-megapixel cameras and one 64-megapixel camera. Both the main camera and the ultrawide camera will probably have 50 megapixels. The periscope telephoto unit most likely uses a 64-megapixel camera.

Basically, that is all the tipper revealed. In many areas, the OnePlus 12 appears to be a significant upgrade over the previous model. Although the OnePlus 11 is a fantastic phone, it is missing several modern flagship phone essentials like a periscope camera, an IP certification, and wireless charging.

It appears that OnePlus will address all of this with the OnePlus 12. The phone should arrive in Q1 of the next year, most likely in January. We’ll see, though, if China is the first country to offer it.

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