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OnePlus 8T Concept Phone Changes Color And Have Radar

OnePlus 8T Concept Phone

At the beginning of 2020, the popular manufacturer presented its first concept smartphone: The OnePlus Concept One was never intended for sale but was only intended to showcase new ideas. Now the company has unveiled a second concept device: the OnePlus 8T Concept.

The OnePlus Concept One was presented at the Consumer Electronics Show and almost a year later we know two things: on the one hand, that trade fairs like the CES are still excluded and, on the other hand, that concept smartphones have little impact on the actual lineup of manufacturers like OnePlus have.

This already showed the eagerly awaited (because announced with a lot of secrecy), but ultimately disappointing Concept One. Because that essentially only offered a “hiding” rear camera. That was a nice optical gimmick, nothing more, nothing less.

Silver gray turns to blue

The second concept smartphone from the manufacturer from China, which is also very popular in the West, is not necessarily more than a gimmick, but we think it’s a very nice one. Because the OnePlus 8T Concept is able to change its color on the back. You shouldn’t expect the full-color palette here, however, because the change takes place between a metallic silver-gray and blue.

According to OnePlus, this effect is achieved through a film with a metal oxide. This is located under the glass on the back, the changes in color are achieved by applying different voltages. As mentioned, this is currently only an experiment, but it could be used quite sensibly, for example, to display notifications.

New Radar module

However, the OnePlus 8T Concept also has a second and even more interesting innovation, namely a radar module. This works with electromagnetic waves and, according to the manufacturer, allows “perceiving, mapping, localizing and tracking objects”. According to OnePlus, this technology called mmWave is “borrowed” from 5G, but is separated from communication modules.

This type of radar can mostly be used for advanced gesture control, as The Verge explains. OnePlus is thinking ahead, however, and can imagine using this for biofeedback purposes, for example, to record the user’s breathing.

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