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OnePlus Pad Go finally comes to light

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Early this year, OnePlus introduced a compelling and powerful tablet, and the firm is eagerly anticipating its follow-up. We have been keeping up with rumors about the OnePlus Pad Go, a less expensive tablet. Now, with the help of Digital Trends, the OnePlus Pad Go has been flaunted in a fresh leak.

One of the year’s most intriguing tablets was likely the OnePlus Pad. Everybody was anticipating OnePlus’s long-awaited tablet debut. Well, the business entered the tablet industry, and it did so in a huge way.

OnePlus Pad Go can be seen in one photograph

The original OnePlus Pad had a distinctive appearance, and the Go version maintains that look with a few minor changes. The back panel of the original OnePlus Pad is made of brushed aluminum and has a distinctive greenish hue. The metal is partially incorporated in the Go edition.

There is a thin strip of brushed metal on the top, and the bulk of the body appears to be constructed of matte metal. The camera package is likewise housed in this strip. With this, we get this nice two-tone appearance. The OnePlus logo is also present on the tablet’s rear.

We’re currently awaiting additional details about this item. We learned that this product will be unveiled alongside the OnePlus 12 and a new pair of OnePlus earbuds. Early in 2019, the OnePlus 12 is expected to be unveiled. Even if it takes a while, it’s probable that we will learn more about this tablet in the interim.

The OnePlus boasts a huge 144Hz display, 8GB of RAM expandable to 12GB, a Dimensity 9000 SoC, and quad speakers. Due to its lower price, the OnePlus Pad Go edition will offer specs that are just marginally inferior to those previously mentioned.

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