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OnePlus returns to the European market

A legal dispute between tech companies is a common thing. One recent example is the lawsuit that was filed against Apple by Masimo regarding the pulse oximetry technology in its recent smartwatches. For this reason, the company was banned from selling its smartwatches in the US for some time. In the same manner, there is a legal dispute between BBK Group (Oppo, Vivo, Relame, and OnePlus) and Nokia. Concerning the patent disagreement, smartphone sales from BBK Group were temporarily banned in Germany. According to some recent pieces of information, the matter has been settled now. With this, OnePlus is now ready to enter the European market.

OnePlus is back in the European Market

Recently, an agreement was signed between Nokia and BBK Group. A member of the BBK Group, Oppo, was sued by Nokia for allegedly infringing on its patents related to 5G technology. Due to the court’s decision in Nokia’s favor, BBK must pay licensing costs. In an effort to avoid the high fees, BBK decided to stop the sales of 5G smartphones in Germany. The appeals court decided in favor of Nokia despite an appeal. Fortunately, a patent licensing deal between the two corporations allowed the issues to be resolved.

With this agreement, OnePlus can now resume its sales in Germany. The OnePlus Open foldable was available for sale on the German website of the company. It was spotted by the tipster Max Jambor. The website also lists the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R for pre-orders. The German websites of Oppo and Vivo, on the other hand, still report to users that their products are currently unavailable. Perhaps this might change in the future.

The recent agreement between the two companies has brought immense benefits. Nokia recorded an increase in patent revenue, whereas BBK Group companies are ready to reenter the European market. Despite the dominant position of Apple in the US, it has a smaller presence in the EU, i.e., only 28%. With a population of half a billion, the region is an important market. Before running into problems with Nokia, BBK accounted for 20% of the EU smartphone market. There is currently an expectation for this market share to rise even more.

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